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Car buying and selling is transforming


The Internet has transformed every aspect of our lives and has had a huge impact on the UK car buying process. The recent Consumer Retail Spending Index shows that our customers aren’t spending more, they are spending more online. So going forwards, every £1 spent online, is potentially £1 less spent on the forecourt. That’s because many now prefer to avoid the hassle of visiting a showroom, choosing to look online and do their research before they buy.


It’s time for a step-change

So if you want to dedicate your time to selling more vehicles and growing your operation, rather than managing and updating your website capabilities, that’s where DVS comes in.


Discover a DVS Web Solution for you

We can help build your online strategy, ensuring you have the latest software and technology to allow you to connect with your customers in the most relevant way.


Our solutions are leading edge and adaptive to your specific requirements. We don’t do ‘off-the-shelf’. Instead, we make sure every visitor to your site has the best possible user experience. Pushing the boundaries of design trends and website functionality to create a step-change in car buying and selling. DVS Internet Solutions are designed to provide the tools and insights you need to help you stay one step ahead.


Take a look for yourself and see how you could be up and running within weeks, allowing you to showcase your latest offers, increase your numbers and add more profit on your bottom line. We can help you to build a stronger business for the future.


Checkout our demo website and see how you could compete in this space for as little as £400 per month Click or copy the link into your browser:


If you have any questions or wish to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team on




myDVS Team





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